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From the Heart of...

Ol' Den

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Where will you spend eternity?
You do have a choice.
You must choose Jesus!

Be careful of the words you say.
May they be soft and sweet.
We never know from day to day,
which ones will have to eat.

If wisdom ways you wisley seek.
Five things observed with care.
To whom you speak of whom you speak.
And how, and when and where.



My name is Charles Denal Crider. I was born in 1935 on a small farm abut six miles north of Hope, Arkansas. I trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior at age 14. And graduated from Blevious High School in 1953. God has not called me to preach, but I just want to serve my master until he calls me home. My wife Evelyn and I have one son and four grandchildren. We attend New Haven Baptist Church. May God Bless you!

-Ol Den

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-Ol' Den


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From the Heart of..
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